Green Oak

Lean Construction

Lean Thinking involves the relentless pursuit and removal of any activity that does not add value in the eyes of the Customer. It involves eliminating waste in all its forms, ensuring the remaining ‘value-adding’ activities are carried out efficiently and that they ‘flow’ through the business or organisation, in line with Customer requirements. The aim is to establish practices and processes which are set-up and operated in a way that delivers exactly what the Customer wants, in the most efficient manner and at minimum cost.

Why Lean?

A truly Lean organisation should be better placed to ‘survive and thrive’. For many organisations, by applying Lean Thinking improvements in Customer Service, Quality, Delivery and Cost can be expected. Lean will help you maximise the value-adding activity and minimise waste. If applied effectively you get ‘more for the same’, ‘the same for less’ or in some instances ‘more for less’. The results can be dazzling. Lean will help you improve competitive position, increase your Customer base and improve bottom line profits.

Green Oak have implemented this strategy in association with ddi Projects Ltd, one of the first shopfitting companies in the UK to do so.